Have no Time to Cook?

کوکنگ کریں یا اپنا کام؟

گھر کا صاف اور مزیدار کھانا منگوائیں

اپنے نزدیک فیملیز سے

اب منگوائیں

Day Week 1 Week2
Mon Chicken karahi Beef Daleem
Tue Fry Dall chana Red Lobia
Wed Mix Vegetable Alo Palak
Thu Kari Pakora Anda Kofta
 Fri Chicken Biryani  Chicken Pulao
 Sat  Alo Anday  Mix Vegetable
 Sun X X
Day Week 3 Week 4
Mon Chicken Achari Alu Keema
Tue Chana Pulao Dall Chawal
Wed Bhindi Achari Alu Bhujia
Thu Dall Mash Kari Pakora
 Fri Chicken Jalfrezi with fried rice Chicken Biryani
 Sat White Chany Anda Kofta
 Sun X X

7500/-  گھر کا صاف ستھرا کھانا ، صرف اور صرف

آپکو دو پلیٹ کھانا، چار گھر کی روٹی ، سلاد یا رائتہ  ڈیلور کر دیا جاتا ہے


You will get 4 chapati, 1 dish ( 2 person serving ) , salad, raita delivered at your doorstep.

Order in 3 Simple Steps

fill in your address & info
pay cash on delivery

Who will deliver me food?

You’ll get food by family near you.. living in 5-10 KMs in your area.


What If I am not available or subscribe in middle or end of the month?

Our packages do not expire like Telco companies. .We deliver you complete days. If you are not available on any day, let us know (1 day) in advance and we’ll record and deliver that meal to you on later days.

In Economy package you get food for 22 days, in Mazedar, Student, and Hostel package you ll get food for 26 days after subscription.


How to pay for food?

You can either pay cash to rider or via credit/debit card in advance.


How to Order?


1- Click on RED ORDER NOW BUTTON below your favorite menu


2- Fill in your DELIVERY ADDRESS and information


3- Wait for our CONFIRMATION CALL/EMAIL or notify us at 0333 518 9005


Payment: CASH ON DELIVERY , EasyPaisa, Bank Transfer


You can also PAY FOR A WEEK TO TEST our service until you are fully satisfied to join monthly menu.

This package includes 1 dishes (2 person serving) , 4 chapati and salad/raita delivered at lunch time.

If you are Single Subscriber, Please Click here.

We have FIXED prices and we do not offer any discount below 100 people.


Try Student menu for 6 days in  3000/- 

Payment: Cash on Delivery , EasyPaisa, Bank Transfer

You will get food for 2 persons for 6 days.