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If food is your craft and you don’t settle with average taste… you are someone who cooks from the heart… then you are in the right place, we are waiting for you to join our food passionate family.


We help you CASH your PASSION . No Investments, No Security Deposits, No Lengthy Procedures…Its super easy to start making money online right from your home kitchen via

Join  in 3 simple steps

1- fill in the form 2- whatsapp your kitchen picture 3- get your food tested


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Join Our Food Passionate Family

کسی بھی کاروبار کو شروع کرنے کے لئے آپ انویسمنٹ یا سرمایہ لگاتے ہیں – یہ سرمایہ لگانے کے بعد بھی
اگر آپ کسٹمر حاصل نہ کر سکیں تو کاروبار نقصان میں چلا جاتا ہے  اور آپکی رقم اور محنت ڈوب جاتی ہے- یہ دونوں رسک ہم نے اپنے کندھوں پر لے لئے ہیں تاکہ ہماری فوڈلانسر خواتین آسانی سے کاروبار کر سکیں

یہ دونوں زمہ داریاں اپنے کندھوں پر لیکر آپ کو گھر بیٹھے کمانے کا موقع دیتا ہے

آپکو آپ کے گھر کے نزدیک کسٹمر مھیا کرتا ہے

تا کہ آپ بااسانی اپنے گھر میں اپنی فیملی کے ساتھ معقول آمدنی کا بندوبست کر سکیں

ہماری فوڈ لانسر خواتین باآسانی پندر٠ ہزار سے لیکر ستر ہزار روپے ماہانہ کما سکتی ہیں

ابھی فارم فل کریں اور گھر بیٹھے اپنی آمدنی میں اضافہ کریں

Join our Team and Start Selling Homemade Food


Who is our ideal team member?

We are following 2 simple prinicples.

#1 Serve hygienic tasty homemade food

#2 Empower food passionate woman

If food is your craft and you don’t settle with average taste… you are someone who cooks from the heart… then you are in the right place, we are waiting for you to join our food passionate family.

Lets thrive together!



Who is a food lancer?

You probably have heard about freelancer right!
A foodlancer is self employed person who offers his food services to any company or individuals he/she wants to.

All women who have a passion of cooking and want to make money from home via are referred as foodlancers.

How a woman can sell food online using ?

The hardest part of any business is selling and getting customers. No matter what you do and wherever you are if you have no sales you will be out of business soon.

at we took this burden off your shoulders. We provide our foodlancer women guaranteed customers near their location. you get guaranteed sale/money into your pocket using our homemade food portal.

How much a foodlancer can make money in a month?

Our foodlancers have 3 levels , your level will be decided as per customer feedback.

Please note that, we do not allow restaurants and hotels to register even you pay FEE.


New entry – level 1:

This is our basic tiny package to give you a quick start, where you get familiar with our service and we see how well you perform and get positive feedback by our customers.

Our basic level foodlancer get a Sale of RS 20,000 to Rs 30,000 sale per month.

We charge you  15% of the gross sale (weekly)


Our minimum order is of RS 999/- for any deal at our website.

Level 1 ,2 seller:

All our foodlancers with good positive feedback and having more than 3 months customers retention are promoted to professional level foodlancers.

Our professional level foodlancer get a Sale of RS 30,000 to Rs 70,000 sale per month.



Our minimum order is of RS 999/- for any deal at our website.



Level 3 – top rated:
All our foodlancers have 95%+ customer feedback, having 3 months customer retention rate and ability to serve 30+ customers are promoted to expert level foodlancers.

Our expert foodlancers get RS 75,000+  Sale per month.

Our minimum order is of RS 999/- for any deal at our website.

How to apply as a food lancer?

Joining is a simple 5 step process.

1- Fill in the form here:-

2- Send us 3 snaps of your kitchen from different angles at

3- Let our team test 3 different demo dishes and visit your kitchen

4- Ability to use facebook messenger, whatsapp and emails

5- Have a rider available either from your family or 3rd party companies to deliver food within 5-10 KMs of your area.

How to get quick approval as a food lancer?

If you’ll follow and complete the above 5 steps, you will get quick approval.

How to not get suspended or rejected at

Since we are on a mission to serve healthy hygienic food. We do not tolerate any complaints related to hygiene. We also do not appreciate negating our processes and policies.

What is fee or charges?

Not only we want to serve the best healthy homemade food, But we also have a mission to empower women with true home based business. We believe we can only grow by helping you grow at a massive level.

We have RS 2000/- joining fee when you are approved. We do not offer FREE membership as FREE is never appreciated and this small fee is to filter out non serious candidates.

 We charge you 15% of the gross sale provided to you by

How to qualify as professional or an expert level foodlancer?

All foodlancers with 95% plus positive feedback and having ability to retain their customers for long term (3-6 months+) get promoted to an expert level.

at an expert level you get  more sales and customers by the company.

Can a food lancer set her own prices and menu?

Yes, foodlancers can have their own menu and prices. However, we recommend you to follow our well tested proven menu and deals to get the best results.

How helpful is for women?

Since we are on a mission to empower women. We are putting our best efforts to make you grow and succeed.

For example, most of the running businesses charge you heavy upfront franchise fee plus a monthly fee. Additional to initial investment they charge you minimum 25% to 50% of the sale with no guarantee of any sales amount.

at, we are looking to create win-win relationships and help you grow fast. For the same reasons there is no upfront HUGE Franchise deposit and security deposits. You can setup your own account by paying RS 2000 per month and 15% of the gross sale.

What are your future plans?

Our mission to facilitate you as much as we can. in our future plan, we will facilitate with you with grocery at wholesale price at your doorstep as well as rider resources available 24/7.

Where to send our suggestions?

We highly welcome your suggestions and love positive feedback. Feel free to send your suggestions and feedback at

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