Don’t Torture your Body.

Healthy Diet is the key to fitness

صرف پیسے نھیں – صحت بھی بچائیں

Have Smart Young Healthy Look with Healthy Diet


Day Week 1 Week2
Mon Grilled Chicken w Greek yogurt Chicken Achi with vages
Tue Pasta with Spinach and Tomato Spinach and white bean soup
Wed Chicken Fajita Salad Chicken Strip with cheese
Thu Steam Chicken with vages Green Chicken Handi
 Fri Red Beans Soup with rice Garlic Beef and salad
 Sat Beef Steak bits with boil rice & salad Greek Chicken Burger
 Sun X X
Day Week 3 Week 4
Mon Chicken w vages Letus Wrap
Tue Chicken Steak Filled Chicken Cheese Shashlik Stick
Wed Chicken Seekh Kabab Chicken Filter w vages
Thu Vegetables w Chicken Fish Steam
 Fri Chicken Shami w Salad Chicken Sandwich
 Sat Chicken & veg soup Grilled Chicken
 Sun X X
Day Week 1 Week2
Mon Steam Chicken w Greek Yogurt Chicken Steak w roasted peppers
Tue Healthy Pasta and Salad Pasta w Spinach and Tomato
Wed Greek Chicken Burgers Sandwich with Salad (Subway Style)
Thu Garlic Beef and Salad Prawn and Avocado Salad
 Fri Spinach and White Beans Soup Red Bean Soup with Rice
 Sat Mix Beans Corn Salad Chicken Vegetable Soup
 Sun X X
Day Week 3 Week 4
Mon Chicken Salad Sandwich (Subway Style) Smoke Chicken with veggies
Tue Skinny Alfarad Pasta Whole Grain Pasta w Broccoli and Chicken Sauces
Wed Hummus and Grilled Vegetable Rap Basin Roti with Grilled tomato sauce and yogurt
Thu Beef Steak Bits w Bail Rice and Salad Beef Meat Ball and Grains
 Fri Egg Drop Noodle Soup Mushroom Soup w Garlic Bread
 Sat Chicken Salad Beef Meat Ball & grains
 Sun X X

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بچت ، صحت ، لذت – ایک ساتھ

RS 20000/Month

Payment: Bank Transfer


Tips to BOOST results:

1- Take 6-8 hrs of sleep

2- Avoid sugar , bakery items

3- Avoid stress and relax more

4- Have dinner 2-3 hrs before sleep

5- Have more water drinks(lemon water, green tea, fresh orange juice, Ginger, Cinnamon Tea)


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You’ll get food by family near you.. living in 5-10 KMs in your area.

What If I am not available or subscribe in middle or end of the month?

Our packages do not expire like Telco companies. .We deliver you complete days. If you are not available on any day, let us know (1 day) in advance and we’ll record and deliver that meal to you on later days.

How to pay for food?

You can pay via bank transfer, credit/debit card in advance.

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