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گھر کا کھانا آپکی صحت کا ضامن

easy on the stomach , easy on the pocket

نہ پیٹ پر بھاری - نہ جیب پر بھاری

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اپنے نزدیک فیملیز سے گھر کا صاف اور مزیدار کھانا منگوائیں

Lahore - Karachi - Islamabad

اپنے نزدیک فیملیز سے گھر کا صاف اور مزیدار کھانا منگوائیں

لا ہور – کراچی – اسلام آباد

آپ کو کھانا آپکے نزدیک فیملیز گھرسے بنا کر ڈیلور کرتی ہیں – جو گھر کا صاف اور مزیدار

کھانا ہوتا ہے- ہم آپ کا آرڈر ایسی خواتین کو دیتے ہیں جنھیں کھانا بنانے

-کا شوق ہو , ماہر ہوں-اور آپکے نزدیک رہتی ہوں

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Mon – Sat

6 days a week

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( lunch یا dinner )


Mon – Sat

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5 days a week

Popular Daily Menu

Alo Keema

RS 1499/-

Our Alo Keema is the most popular deal and equally famous in men and women. Enjoy 5 serving homemade aloo keema with 12 homemade roti and 1.5L drink delivered to your door.


Chicken Biryani

RS 1499

Chicken biryani unites friends. Enjoy our yumlicious 5 serving Biryani deal prepared with home ingredients. 5 serving biryani , 1.5L drink , Salad and Raita FREE home delivery.


Chicken Karahi


chicken karahi is all time favorite dish among our male customers. get 5 serving delicious chicken karahi with 12 homemade chapata, 1.5L drink delivered to your door.


Chicken Chowmein


All time favorite in our female customers. Hot and yummy chicken chowmein ( 5 serving ) along with 1.5 L drink and sausage delivered to your door.


We have customers from all walks of life…

Doctors, Office Workers, Working Women, Corporate, Hostels and

Families Trust our Service.




When Food is Cooked at Home and by a Family… It Feels Different!


We are on a mission to build our legacy by serving you healthy homemade food and empower food passionate women by giving them an opportunity to sell homemade food right from their home kitchens.

We select and appoint food passionate families who are well known for their food and have love for cooking business. Not only we have clean and healthy food, But we are offering you affordable healthy meal plans…So there is no one left behind. We all deserve healthy food!

Healthy Food is the BEST Medicine You can ever get

Not only health is most neglected aspect of our life, but we have tons of unhealthy toxic food choices around us, making it hard to live a healthy life. That is why Obesity, diabetes and heart diseases have become so common in our lives.

At lunch.pk, we decided to bring a CHANGE in the industry. Not only you get healthy homemade food by families, but you actually help us to make this CHANGE happen and empower our foodie women by giving them an opportunity to sell homemade food right from their home kitchens. Let’s grow this win-win relationship together!



ہمار١ مشن آپکو صاف اور صحت مند کھانا پہنچانا
اور خواتین کو گھر بیٹھے روزگار فراہم کرنا ہے
کامیابی کے اس مشن میں ہمارا ساتھ دیں

Call Now : 0333 518 9005

Do You LOVE Cooking?

Join us as a foodlancer and start selling homemade food.

Lunch.pk is a true home based business that empower food passionate families by giving them an opportunity to sell homemade food on the internet. Join lunch.pk family today and start making money right from your home kitchen.

What others say about us.

لنچ ڈاٹ پی کے کسی نعمت سے کم نھیں

ہم میاں بیوی ڈیڑھ سال سے اس سروس کو استعمال کر رہے ہیں

ہماری دعا ہے کہ آپ لوگ دن رات ترقی کریں

ریٹائر منسٹری آف انٹرئیر

محمد یونس

میں ھاسٹل کے کھانے سے ااکثر بیمار پڑ جاتا تھا - سینے میں جلن اور معدہ بھاری رہتا تھا

کے بارے میں پتا چلا اور آج میرا پانچواں مہینہLunch.pk ایک دوست سے

کھانا مزیدار اور صاف ہےLunch.pk

میں ہر دوست کو لنچ ڈاٹ پی کے کا مشورہ دیتا ہوں

محمد حمزہ - سٹوڈنٹ

Only lunch.pk has the TRUE 100% homemade food. Highly recommended!

Literally we have tried dozens of different services.

Lunch.pk is "the best homemade food site" on the internet.

I and my five friends recommend lunch.pk!

Imran Khan - Web Developer

I highly recommend lunch.pk to all working ladies. great service!

Lunch.pk is a great help for my family to get quality homemade food.

I am a working women with 2 kids.

Best option for working women

Huma Siddique - Lawyer

Lunch.pk is the most affordable and healthy food option out there.

We never ever forget to order biryani every friday.

All our office loves homemade biryani at lunch.pk

Every Friday is Lunch.pk Biryani day

Mateen - Admin officer

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